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We offer solutions for the most varied needs.  

Your customized logistics software:

CapriBill (billing system) & CapriComplete (complete solution All-In-One). Your customized logistics software. We do our best to ensure that your process is  perfectly tailored.

EDI Clearing: 

Flexible data exchange of different formats such as EDIFACT, XML,
EANCOM (subsets), PDF and convert to your own internal format. EDI Clearing is as important as ever in order to transmit data as quickly and cleanly. Exactly coordinated liaisons are here mandatory. appliLog like to help you.


Comfortable and secure access to the application through Citrix Server of Windows Terminal Server (RDP). 

Web Shop & CMS:

Your sales platform on the Internet and the right content management system (CMS) based on the latest Joomla version of the market.