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EDI Clearing

No matter of the size of a logistic company. All do have to handle large amounts of inhouse data such as invoices, purchase orders and contract information which need to be sent, received, managed and edited. Here transport routes via mail or fax are often very time-consuming and prone to cause errors by media breaks. Through the use of electronic data interchange of business documents, business processes are streamlined, optimized and do achieve a closer customer loyalty.

The flexible data exchange between different formats such as EDIFACT, XML, EANCOM (subsets), PDF and convert to your own internal format (for example, IDOC, XML, etc.) has the great advantage that virtually any requirement is supported for the data exchange of business documents.

Thus, any small, medium and large enterprises also benefit with a low investment and manageable monthly costs immediately through electronic data exchange.

We support you in the introduction of electronic document exchange, selection of the correct data format, creating a data mapping and the communication between you and all involved business partners as "clearing center".