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What is CapriBill?

Capri Bill is the freight calculation- and testing system recommended by OEM's developed for forwarding companies in the automotive industry 

and system suppliers. All requirements of the automotive industry and system suppliers are implemented transparently.

Why CapriBill for your company? 

You need a system and development team in which the expertise and the experience for many years is combined. A system, which ensures the 

correctness of "Billing" with the highest Quality level and latest development standards. The master data of OEM are firmly integrated in the 

applications and various plausibility checks do support the clerk in the daily work. A fast, accurate processing - with Capri Bill - no desire but reality.

From order processing,


error handling, up to the real billing and invoicing CapriBill is providing all data concerning factura in a modern and comfortable way at a glance.  

With a few clicks all settlements are calculated  and created at the highest test quality by stored logics and security mechanisms. In addition, a sending mask ensures to show even the smallest details conerning a shipment to make it comprehensible.


The MTB matching kann be faced easily and changes of single data can by tracked by just a mouse click. (Who, When, What).


More balance views give you the opportunities to understand and comprehend each record exactly.



By being able to enjoy other features such as reporting, to deposit master data to suppliers, customers, relations and branches, as well as manage conditons and tariffs, our system allows to have all data of the automobile billing in one system to run, maintain and manage your process.


Via import- and export features all necessary interfaces can be addressed and all information of accounting can be transferred quickly and cleanly. 


The automotive freight billing and freight testing system by professionals for professionals!


Features and Benefits


 Connection Basware (First Business Post)

 Interface MTB2

 Interface OPEL import data

 Interface GSI data

 Edition Porsche record for cargo


 Client- and Branch Administration

 Tariff management

 User management

 Rights system


Master data

 OEM specific packaging for full and empty containers

 OEM specific plants, loading and unloading zones

 OEM specific part numbers

 OEM specific means of conveyance management  

Cargo handling

 Information supplement to trucks, bordero's, positions & sendings

• Correction of imported data

• Single document- and collective document print

• Invoice Overview

• Query

• Logging

• Events and history

Additional modules

 Preliminary costing

• Monthly accruals

• financial accounting interfaces

• Audit security (logging)

By using CapriBill you meet from the beginning all the requirements of the automotive industry:

• Porsche
• Daimler
• Opel / GM / Vauxhall / Gefco Version 2013
• Suzuki
• VW Logistics (VW / Audi / Skoda (MTB2))

and numerous system suppliers