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What is CapriComPlete?

CapriComPlete is your complete transportation management system.

The practice-oriented workflow enables accurate and efficient planning, implementation and control of the entire process chain, from the advise, 
the disposition to billing and your controlling.  


For which logistics processes and transports CapriComPlete is useful for?

Automotive Logistics (regional forwarding and distribution)
Furniture logistics and special transportatio
Trade logistics (temperature-controlled goods)
Procurement logistics
Multimodal transport
Intermodal transport
Combined transportation
Contract logistics and shipper

Why CapriComPlete for your business?

Because as logistics provider you need a system for your business, which adapts flexible, scalable and quickly to the needs of a constantly growing market.


Example of a realization:

From the notification, manually, by importing data or web-based...


to disposition in a variety of different display options and


the entry of forwarding orders and borderierung with automated data telecommunication sending.

Moreover our system allows you to follow up at any time, why something happened (Event history) and who was changing (logging) data. Thus you will benefit from a complete information system with timeline reference, which allows you the absolute transparency of the entire chain of events any time you require.  

In addition to that CapriComPlete gives the possibility to query any OEM- or internally information requested...



up to the haulier billing and customer billing.


The freight forwarding and logistics software by professionals for professionals!

Features and Benefits

 Local and regional transport planning

• Swap management

• Groupage and full load services

• Driver Management

• Evaluations, reporting and metrics and export

• Tariff information and cargo loss

• Account management system for pallets

• RDC planning (preview of departing and incoming traffic)

• Controll Tower and messages on deviations from plan process

• Data Import and Export Manager
  (z.B. VDA4913, VDA4921, VDA4927, VDA4933, VDA4987, DESADV,
   TRP-RTS (BMW),  Pick-up-Sheet, Vector Export, IFCMIN, IFCSUM,
   SA100, etc.)

• Data Journal

• Integrated customer and contractor billing
  (Booking of foreign documents and internal documents)

• Per users different languages storable

• Printouts multilingual possible

Tracking & Tracing / Telematics Integration (Gatehouse)

• Route optimization

• Packaging Management (Accounting)

Management Information System (margin accounting)

• BWA at the order level

• BWA on truck level
• BWA at the entrepreneurial level

By using CapriComplete you meet from the beginning all the requirements of the automotive industry:

• Daimler

• Opel / GM / Vauxhall / Gefco Version 2013
• Porsche
• Suzuki
• VW Logistics (VW / Audi / Skoda (MTB2))

and numerous system suppliers