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Web Shop & Content Management System

Even traditional distribution channels are increasingly replaced by the Internet. Many consumers orient and inform yourself by the high flexibility and the wide range on this platform. The rapid availability of data and the ability to gain an overview with just a few clicks on the market, is a big advantage. For many companies, this means a considerable cost saving because of lower transaction, travel and telephone costs. Customer acquisitions is getting easier by attractively designed pages. For all these positive developments, we would like to be your partner. Whether professional web shop with a variety of articles or the creation of an Internet platform for charitable purposes - we are always interested in new projects - because we can only grow together.


However appliLog is not just limited to web shops. In this context, we also offer content management systems (short: CMS translates: content management system) based on the latest Joomla version of the market. Creating, editing and organizing content from text and multimedia data in a community can thus also be carried out by authors with no programming or HTML knowledge.

A particular advantage of a CMS which has to be emphasized is the media-neutral data management. PDF or HTML documents can be generated on demand, formats are generated only when the query from the database is requested. Therefore, a right management to protect important content and the differentiation of individual access rights is thus solvable in a very cost-efficient way.