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Transport & Management

CapriComPlete - the TMS for load-related and/or order-related scheduling, as well as simple and combined transports

CapriComPlete - the TMS for area freight forwarders in the automotive sector

All currently applicable VDA standards are implemented in our TMS CapriComPlete! Including event-controlled transport chain, as well as absolute transparency, traceability and change history. Complete customer invoicing and transport company invoicing as well as business evaluations, interfaces to all common accounting systems via import and export manager.

Avis Import via Web, EDI or manual fast entry

The notification of goods is particularly relevant for complex supply chains in order to ensure the success of the company through well-functioning logistics.
With CapriComPlete, notification can be carried out up to 100% electronically. This allows data to be processed more quickly. Incoming goods are therefore better and easier to monitor and plan. If delays occur, the recipients can react at an early stage. This is particularly important when it comes to planning and managing relevant production orders, such as in the automotive sector.

Road, rail or ferry

What do your processes look like? Do you also cover long distances on different transport routes and do you change drivers and transports? We offer you the right solutions for truck, swap body transport by rail or ferry.

Cross-border and global logistics at it's best! Feel free to contact us. Our customers are delighted!

VDA standards of the automotive industry 100% implemented

Our TMS "CapriComPlete" already meets all the requirements of all OEMs in automotive logistics and has already fully integrated all current VDA standards.

This is because increasing transparency in the automotive industry's supply chains is becoming increasingly important. Long supply chains, global economic relationships and diverse environmental influences also make transportation processes susceptible to disruption. On the other hand, all partners are becoming increasingly dependent on timely and high-quality deliveries, as building up large storage capacities as a buffer against disruptions is counterproductive and not even possible with JIT/JIS deliveries. In the past, transportation processes were often not transparent. Between dispatch - usually accompanied by a shipping notification to the consignee, at least for material deliveries - and the actual arrival of the goods at the destination, there were no or only completely inadequate options for communicating the progress of the transportation process and any disruptions or deviations. This recommendation is intended to provide the basis for the largely automated transmission of relevant transport status information between the transportation status information between the partners involved.
It fits seamlessly into the recommendations on delivery call-offs, dispatch notifications and goods receipt notifications and completes the interfaces for automated information transfer with UN/EDIFACT messages.

Disposition order- or load-related

CapriComPlete - the TMS for load-related and/or order-related scheduling, as well as simple and combined transports.
We will be happy to advise you on your processes. Because only a precise definition of objectives enables a satisfactory project success.

BWA & Management & Reports & Statistics

Business management analyses (BWA) are a mandatory source of information for companies to find out the current status of their processes and finances. It makes it possible to identify weak points and take appropriate measures for improvement.
CapriComPlete provides you with an evaluation in the form of reports, statistics or overviews for each area as required. All individually tailored to your requirements. So that you can react today to the requirements of tomorrow! Defined key figures at the touch of a button!

Freight loss & short shipments

Do you also have to deal with the issue of freight loss and short shipments, but find it difficult to handle? Then our new innovation of automatic freight calculation is just right for you!
We help you to generate a financial compensation for your freight loss and short shipments without great effort. Transparent, comprehensible and generating more turnover with a few simple mouse clicks?
Get in touch with us!

Why "CapriComPlete"?

The logistics of transporting goods can be very complex and individual, especially for large forwarding companies in the automotive sector with different loads and increasingly complicated specifications from demanding customers such as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). A large number of requirements have to be met, such as compliance with all necessary VDA standards and a smoothly functioning event-driven transport chain.

Each company or freight forwarder has to work with different software products. Above all, a coherent transport management system (TMS) as the heart of the process is an important success factor. Here appliLog GmbH has been offering you expertise for more than 25 years with the most innovative TMS currently available on the market.

In the following, we would like to briefly explain the economic advantages our transportation management system offers you. Find out why CapriComPlete should be at the heart of your logistics process.

Your global TMS

Without transport management software, you have to switch between different platforms to manage transport orders or analyze transport data. It seems impossible to manage complex transportation processes and complete all transportation tasks.

Transportation companies, freight forwarders and logistics service providers have a multitude of individual transportation tasks to manage. If each of these tasks had to be managed separately and manually, vast amounts of resources would be wasted, processes would be extremely error-prone and turnaround times would be extended many times over.

This becomes clear when you consider the different tasks that a transport service provider has to perform on a daily basis. Even the simplest transport orders require to...:

  • Create a transport order / advice note
  • Provide the customer with an exact quote or obtain a transport offer
  • Save the customer's current price and product data
  • Scheduling and organizing
  • Communication with the fleet
  • Communication with delivery partners 
  • Communication customers
  • Manage KPIs and transport data
  • Create or manage invoices
  • Draw up reports and business evaluations
  • Maintain master data and tariffs
  • Check the quality of processes and maintain standards, etc.

With this number of tasks, the search for a solution that enables all tasks to be processed in one system is unavoidable. Furthermore, in times of digitalization, it is necessary to digitalize transport processes in order to remain competitive.

So what if we told you that many of the tasks mentioned could be handled fully automatically for you? For example, a notification can already be sent by the supplier via the web or scheduling can be carried out automatically for certain days according to stored criteria. This not only saves time, money and resources, but also increases the satisfaction of the employees involved in the process enormously, as human intervention is only required if the software does not have a decision-making aid.

A company that digitizes transport, inventory and invoicing with the help of an integrated transport management system has many advantages over its competitors. Risks are also minimized and processes are handled according to standard, comprehensibly and at the highest level of quality.

Minimize transport risks

One goal for companies is to minimize risks through a complex and streamlined transport process. A transportation process that covers every situation, but is not hindered by stopgap solutions and bureaucracy. An integrated TMS is the perfect tool to achieve this goal. Because it can be programmed to handle any last-minute changes or breakdowns. But it can also be configured with customizable parameters for the desired scenarios. Whatever you need, we have already integrated it into the system for you.

As a company or freight forwarder, customer satisfaction is the most important thing. As your trusted partner, the TMS from appliLog GmbH "CapriComPlete" supports you in achieving the highest quality standards.

But transport data is also an invaluable asset when it comes to optimizing the performance of your processes. Within the "CapriComPlete" TMS, you can use precise KPIs, e.g. on capacity utilization, driver and vehicle performance, to maintain an overview.

Without a transport management platform, a lot of transport data could not be collected in the first place. It is therefore also possible to optimize individual transport data and transport processes or eliminate risks based on stored data and routines.

Strong partners in your supply chain ensure lower transportation costs and greater efficiency.

Affordable for companies of all sizes

The advantages of an integrated transportation management system are clear. It enables the management of complex supply chains and the processing of all transportation tasks in a user-friendly environment. In addition, you receive valuable transportation data that contributes to your company's success.

Whereas in the past it was often only large companies with a high turnover, many vehicles and special requirements that could afford to finance a TMS, today it is available to all freight forwarders and transport companies regardless of size and turnover. Our models are based on the size of your project and the number of TMS users, among other things. Tailor-made and fair at all times and often for a lifetime! We are very proud to have had our customers at our side for more than 25 years and to have continued to grow together.

In addition, modular solutions enable the right transport management software for every requirement. They can be customized and thus become a valuable asset for any company. We focus entirely on the individual needs of our customers. Customized and perfectly tailored to your process.

Cost efficiency

We also want to emphasize the cost efficiency of a good TMS like CapriComPlete. Companies struggling to break even can save the cost of an integrated TMS elsewhere.

By integrating a transportation management platform, you save on labor costs where they are not necessary. The employees can then often be deployed much more profitably elsewhere.

The TMS "CapriComPlete" from appliLog GmbH is a modular TMS. It was designed to make the lives of companies and logistics service providers easier by automating the entire transportation process as smoothly as possible.

Whether transport orders, transport planning/dispatching and transport monitoring, transport data analysis or transport cost management. The intergieret TMS CapriComPlete from appliLog GmbH adapts to your needs and increases your efficiency.

Learn more about CapriComPlete's transportation solutions or book a transportation management system software demo.

CapriComPlete is the right software for you!

But our TMS CapriComPlete offers you so much more as an all-round carefree package than just the modules mentioned.... get to know CapriComPlete personally, you will love it...

  • Web-based advice note order entry by the supplier
  • DFÜ Avi-Import according to VDA
  • Manual fast entry in the system
  • Load-related and order-related scheduling for rail, road, ferry, combined transportation
  • Truck, train and swap body handling
  • A transport management system that fully integrates all the requirements of all OEMs in automotive logistics and current VDA standards
  • Event-controlled transport chain in accordance with VDA standards
  • Freight invoicing according to OEM specifications
  • Freight loss and short shipment to suppliers in accordance with OEM specifications
  • Carrier valuation (several models / daily flat rate / daily truck / distance-based calculation / toll / diesel floater per carrier)
  • Event-based transport management system (set defined events and flags and thus increase transparency of the entire value chain) - and start actions fully automatically from this
  • Recognize at a glance where actions need to be taken - alerts
  • Integrated chat system with link to the associated tour / order or truck or train
  • Integrated document management system
  • Individually configurable parameters enable a customized TMS per customer and process
  • User-friendly - extremely simple user options, various views, tables etc. can be set individually for each user
  • Interfaces to T&T systems
  • Integrated dangerous goods catalog (ADR)
  • Determination of distances according to the procedures of all major manufacturers
  • Short communication channels
  • BWA and management reports / key statistics and reports
  • Defined key figures at the touch of a button
  • Individually configurable master data

There for you

Your company's success is not just a question of technology. High quality and efficiency of the mapped processes are essential. Targeted IT process optimization creates the best basis for application development that delivers the desired results in a tangible, visible and measurable way.
We will be happy to advise you on your processes. After all, only a precise definition of objectives will ensure satisfactory project success.

Our approach

  • Process analysis and creation of a process map (process landscape)
  • Determination of your key performance indicators and metrics (KPIs)
  • Joint target definition (process targets)
  • Development of new processes
  • Introduction or simulation of the new processes
    Analysis of what has been achieved

Your benefit

  • Experienced consultants with a technical background and a great deal of practical process know-how
  • Optimal conditions for the resounding success of your customized software
  • Protection against misdirected development costs
  • Real opportunity for progress through often minimal effort

IT process optimization, process consulting and implementation

As a holistic solution provider from the beginning of your individual process chain to the end and beyond if necessary. From process consulting to software development, we work with our customers to complete each implementation step at the best possible pace. At the same time, we ensure a professional and clear approach at all times, minimizing sources of problems from the outset and giving healthy time to adapt to changes.

What can we do for you? Tell us about your idea...

appliLog GmbH

We are your partner in logistics issues. We have been your reliable and customer-oriented IT partner in the field of transport management, fleet management, freight processing and fleet communication since the late 1990s. Do you need the most flexible software in the logistics area? Everything is possible. Our highly specialized team supports you in all transport management and planning questions.

appliLog GmbH  |  Schaldinger Straße 1  |  94036 Passau  |  Tel.: +49 851 955 820

appliLog GmbH

We are your partner in logistics issues. We have been your reliable and customer-oriented IT partner in the field of transport management, fleet management, freight processing and fleet communication since the late 1990s. Do you need the most flexible software in the logistics area? Everything is possible. Our highly specialized team supports you in all transport management and planning questions.

appliLog GmbH
Schaldinger Straße 1
94036 Passau
+49 851 955 820